Monday, October 24Robot/Baloon Construction
Monday, October 17Frisbee
Monday, October 10Regressive dinner
Monday, September 26Robot Construction
Monday, September 19Robot Construction
Monday, September 12Playstation challange
Monday, September 5Baloon part 2
Monday, August 29Hot air balloons
Monday, August 22Rubbings
Monday, August 15Shenanagans
Monday, August 8Photohunt
Tuesday, August 2Geocaching with Venturers
Monday, August 1geocaching with venturers
Monday, July 18Pizza Planning
Monday, July 11Surprise cooking
Saturday, July 2Bethungra 20th Anniversary Bash
Monday, June 20planning, books and stuff
Monday, June 6Hall Meeting - Organise 20th Bash
Monday, May 30Movies - Star Wars III
Monday, May 23Stuarts Vigil & Investiture