Dangerous When Bored, the Current Crew Logo, an Updated version of the Three Monkeys with the Crew motto "Dangerous when Bored"

New Crew Logo, Designed by Merle Ketley.

Bethungra Original Crew Logo, replace by the Dangerous When Bored Logo, Red on White shadow of Telstra Tower and Black Mountian.

Old Crew Logo.

Bethungra is an aboriginal word for "Black Hill" and was chosen as a pertinent link to Canberra. The original logo incorporated Telstra Tower and Black Mountain. The logo has since been updated to the modern version of the Three Monkeys (Background image) – don’t ask just believe our motto "Dangerous When Bored".

Bethungra Rovers were formed in 1985 from a group of Aranda Venturers who decided to form a Rover Crew after getting too old for Venturers.